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Whole Beans Coffee Vaspiatta Natural Barista Silver 1 Kg

PLN 59.95

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A blend of carefully selected Arabica and Robusta coffee beans is an aromatic composition with stimulating qualities due to the high caffeine content. Cultivated on volcanic soils at high altitudes, Guatemalan SHB gives original, spicy and slightly piquant flavour. Palpable notes of sugar cane and caramel go perfectly with the aroma of dark chocolate from the precious Andean origin Arabica SHB. The blend is completed by the power of Vietnamese Robusta G1 prepared in the "wet" method. The brew has a distinct, complete flavour, which works perfectly both independently and as a base for milky coffees.

Ingredients: high-quality Arabica coffee composition (70%) from South America and natural coffees (30%) from Asia