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Sir William's Tea Black Tea Box - 15 tea bags

PLN 15.95

This special gift box contains three different types of black tea, each flavor consisting of 5 sachets, making it perfect for tea enthusiasts seeking unique aromas and flavors.

The first of these flavors is Ceylon Gold, originating from the best plantations in Sri Lanka. It is a tea with a full, rich flavor that is ideal for those seeking deeper taste experiences.

The second flavor is Earl Grey, which stands out with its bergamot aroma, giving it a unique citrus note. It is a wonderful choice for lovers of subtle and delicate teas.

The third flavor, English Breakfast, is a classic blend of black teas from Sri Lanka, perfect for the morning and providing energy for the whole day.

All teas are packaged in convenient sachets, making it easy to prepare tea at home or in the office. The Sir William's Tea gift box is an ideal gift for anyone who values unique tea flavors and aromas. The set of three different black tea flavors allows for experimenting with different tastes and enjoying favorite teas every day