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Sir William's Tea 135-Tea Presenter

PLN 84.95

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Sir William's Tea Cardboard Presenter is a unique product for every tea lover. It contains 135 tea sachets in 9 different flavors, satisfying the tastes of every connoisseur. It is a perfect gift that works well both at home and on the go - for camping or family vacations in a mountain cottage.

Its aesthetics and functionality bring joy to users. The presenter is made of lightweight and durable cardboard material, making it practical and functional. It allows for storing tea in a convenient and organized way, facilitating the daily tea-drinking routine.

Sir William's Tea Presenter contains a selection of 9 tea flavors, with 15 sachets each:

Ceylon Gold - classic black tea from Sri Lanka, characterized by a strong taste and aroma.

English Breakfast - classic black tea with a strong taste and aroma, perfect for drinking in the morning.

Earl Grey - black tea with bergamot oil, characterized by a delicate, citrusy aroma.

Green Sencha - green tea from China, with a refreshing taste and aroma, perfect for drinking throughout the day.

Peppermint - mint tea with a refreshing taste and aroma, ideal for drinking after meals.

Williams White - delicate white tea with a subtle taste and aroma, obtained from tea buds and young leaves.

Raspberry - fruit tea with a sweet raspberry flavor, perfect for drinking both hot and cold.

Forest Fruits - fruit tea with a rich taste and aroma of forest fruits, ideal for drinking hot.

Rooibos - tea from South Africa, caffeine-free and with a mild taste, ideal for drinking in the evening.

Net weight: 267g.