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Richmont Ginger Paradise 50

Paradise-like awakening. Captivating aroma of spices and exotic fruits. Composition based on lemongrass, enriched by pink and black peppercorns, with notes of cinnamon and ginger. Intense infusion, beautifully warming, refreshing and stimulating.

INGREDIENTS: Ginger (10%), lemongrass, organic cinnamon, cardamom, pineapple, cloves, pink and black peppercorns.

PACKAGE: 10.6 oz. (300 g), 50 tea bags x 0.21 oz. (6 g)

BREWING METHOD: Use one tea bag per 15 oz. (450 ml) teapot. Pour 212°F (100°C) soft or filtered water over the tea bag. Infuse covered for 5 minutes.

PLN 127.77

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