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Richmont large set

PLN 1,990.00

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An excellent starter pack for restaurants, hotels, cafés and catering places. Allowing you to serve the tea following the best, traditional methods. The set contains twelve varieties of Richmont Excelence tea packed in boxes of 50 sachets. The box made of natural wood allows for an elegant presentation of tea at the bar. Menu cards with a description our tea varieties and can be presented on the tables. The set can also make a sophisticated gift or add a touch of elegance to a conference room or an office.

Content: 12 porcelain Richmont duo sets of 450 ml capacity; 12 menu cards; 1 wooden tea box with 12 compartments - for bar display and 12 Richmont tea varieties, 50 sachets each

Flavour selection: Ceylon Gold, English Breakfast, Earl Gray Blue, White Pearl Of Fujian, Gunpowder Green, Green Jasmin, Peppermint Green, Mexican Dream, Forest Fruits, Peach Lemon Star, Yerba Mate Lemon, Rooibos Sunrise